Lockers and Towels

Special Hours Notice:

We want to thank you for your continued patience over these last few months. In coordination with the governor’s announcement this week regarding indoor fitness facilities, the Kaplan Center will be opening on Saturday, September 12th at 10:00am.

For the fall semester, our hours of operation will be:
Monday – Thursday 6:00am – 10:00pm
Friday 6:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm

Over the next week, we will be updating our website and communicating details regarding your membership and important considerations when visiting the Kaplan Center.

Lockers and Towels

Towel Service  – $1 per day, $10 per semester

  • Patrons wanting to use the semester towel service may sign up for the service at the Recreation & Wellness Administrative Suite located in Rm 212 of the Kaplan Center.
  • Towel service is a separate fee and not included in any Membership Package Fee.
  • The patron’s ID card, when scanned, will reflect an active towel pass.
  • All towels must be returned, daily, to the Equipment Checkout Desk before leaving the building.

Day Use Lockers – Free

    • Located throughout the Kaplan Center and in each of the locker rooms.
    • Lockers have “set your own combination” locks on each locker.

Directions on how to use the lock are located on the inside door of each day use locker. You can also stop by the Welcome Desk for a demonstration on how to set your combination.

  • Please remove all of your belongings from the locker before leaving the Kaplan Center.
  • Each night at closing time, any contents still left in day use lockers will be removed, bagged and held for 2 weeks then donated.


Locker Room Locker Rentals –  see prices listed below

The Kaplan Center has a large number of lockers available for rent in each locker room. These are rented on a first come, first served basis each rental year. All lockers in the locker rooms are the same size. Rental lockers may be purchased from the Administrative Offices in Rm 212 of the Kaplan Center during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Currently enrolled students and their additional member can rent lockers only during the semester for which the students are enrolled.

Faculty, Staff, Alumni and their Additional member can rent lockers for each semester or for any number of semesters during a rental year. The rental year runs approximately from the 1st day of class in August to the last day of the summer session (actual dates will vary according to the academic calendar). Faculty, Staff, Alumni and their Additional Member can only rent lockers for up to one rental year at a time.

Lockers  – $25 per semester, $75 per annual rental (does not include towel service).

Lockers + Towel Service  – $35 per semester, $105 per annual rental.

Locker rentals are a separate fee and not included in any Membership Package Fee.


Locker Rental Policies

  • Please do not leave food in locker.
  • The renter is responsible for remembering the locker combination.
  • Checked out towels should be returned to the Equipment Desk on a daily basis.
  • Locker combinations will be changed immediately following the rental expiration date, if the locker is not renewed before the expiration date.
  • Contents left in lockers after the expiration date will be bagged, held for 2 weeks and then donated.
  • If you choose not to renew your locker, please remove the contents.
  • Lockers are meant for individual use only. This agreement and the rights and responsibilities are between Recreation & Wellness and the person renting the locker only. If locker sharing is discovered, the violators are subject to loss of locker privileges and/or loss of Recreation & Wellness privileges.
  • The Department of Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for contents left in lockers (expired or current).
  • NO refunds are given for locker rentals.
  • Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change each August.